listenThe remodel was completed last Thursday.

Don (office manager/estimate/wearer of lots of hats) logged into their Remodelers AutoPilot account and clicked ‘Completed Job Sequence.’

This instantly emailed out a professional Client Satisfaction Survey [example here]

There will be other emails/postcards that will automatically be sent to this client in the coming months [20 days later a request for a review on Google, 6 months later a check-in email, 1-year happy birthday postcard, etc.]

Quick, easy, painless, and professional.

Now, onto the bigger and more important aspect…

This remodeler received a Satisfaction Survey back from the client this morning (I’m CC’d on them – it came through at 6:49AM this beautiful Monday morning.)

One of the questions on the survey:

What did you enjoy the most about doing business with us?

“Stuart with his ready smile, listening ear and honest heart. Don for his patience in dealing with all of my ideas. Travis for his amazing skill and talent in creating all the custom details that make this project so special to us. Everyone from your team was professional and pleasant.”

Dang. Doesn’t get much better than that folks.

The COMBINATION of effective and simple systems throughout your business (Remodelers AutoPilot) along with truly caring about your client is an unbeatable combination.

And something I’ve figured out from working with dozens of remodelers is that when you’re qualifying your leads, have a strong sales process you’re elegantly walking them through, and feel in control of your business…

It’s much easier to give your clients an incredible experience where they write things like:

‘Ready smile, listening ear, honest heart, patience, amazing skill and talent, professional and pleasant.’

It’s Monday morning – the start of another work week.

Are you ready to get serious about things? Is it time to get your systems dialed in and your business running smoothly?