I’ve been sharing some thoughts over in the Remodelers Community Facebook Group about ways to strengthen your business.

Here they are – I hope they’re helpful!

  1. Raise your mark-up 1% today! – You’ll still sell the job & it will lead to $1000’s of additional Gross Profit $’s this year. DO IT!
  2. During the sales process, always schedule your next meeting before you end the current meeting. Self-imposed deadlines!
  3. If you’re not doing it already, start charging for Design & Project Development. It’s a valuable SERVICE you’re offering!
  4. How you finish the job is more important than how you start it. Work hard to finish strong!
  5. Your previous clients are your most valuable marketing asset. Do you have a plan to stay in touch with them consistently?
  6. IF (that’s a big if) you’re not able to present your proposal in-person AT LEAST present it via Zoom. Emailing lowers close rate.
  7. Tell prospects your story and why you love what you do. Tell them about your team – how great they are. Build know, like, & trust!
  8. Get your step-by-step remodeling process in WRITING and practice presenting it to prospects. It’s really key!
  9. Be excited about their project! When you talk to a homeowner and you’re excited, that excitement is contagious.

Which one resonates the most with you? Email me at kyle@remodelyourmarketing.com and let me know!

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