A few quick items on different topics:

  • Houzz: Want to improve your Houzz results? I did an interview (view it here) with a remodeler who is generating consistent leads and sales from Houzz. Hope you find it helpful!
  • “It’s funny that your email came thru this morning – we’ve been meaning to reach out to you guys! Paige and I would like to schedule the re-do of our master bathroom forJanuary, 2017.”
    • When you consistently stay-in-touch with your previous clients (with a monthly done-for-you email that’s part of Remodelers AutoPilot) – receiving emails like the one above becomes commonplace
  • Thank You Cards – I posted this on my website in April of 2010. Simple idea and still perfectly relevant (please take action on it)
  • How many Google reviews do you have? Email me and let me know and I’ll share with you a great email template that can help you secure more reviews from your clients (it’s important to get reviews!)

That’s all for this scattered little blog post 🙂

My hope is that there was (at least) one thing that you found valuable.

Look forward to receiving your email with your # of Google Reviews!