Time is running out to get your name on the roster for “Batting Practice for Remodelers” – a 2-day LIVE and in-person business acceleration and sales training in beautiful Ann Arbor, MI on September 29th and 30th. 

The topics for each of the 9 “innings” of the event are below.

Each inning will have 2 parts.

In the ‘Top of the Inning’ I will introduce the topic and teach on it.

In the ‘Bottom of the Inning,’ we’ll do Batting Practice on it together.

We’ll go around the horn to craft and perfect your messaging so you’ll know how we respond, answer questions, and present your process to prospects with confidence. 

Here’s the line-up: 

Inning 1 – THIS IS HOW WE WORK – I’ll push you during our time together to get YOUR “Our Process – This is how we work” optimized and clearly and written out so that you can get more YESSES!

Inning 2 –  HOW TO DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF – You’ll discover proven and effective ways to build strong know, like, and trust that will instantly differentiate your remodeling business from everyone else. 

Inning 3 – OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS – We’ll cover the top objections and how to overcome them! You’ll practice your response with other remodelers and hear what’s worked for them so the next time you face a tough question in a sales meeting, you’ll hit it out of the park!

Inning 4 – PRESENTING YOUR DESIGN / BUDGET RANGE / DETAILED PROPOSAL– We’ll do Batting Practice around how to effectively structure and sell your design, how to share your budget range, and tips and language on how to best present your detailed proposal. (This is a real game-changer and leverage point to massively increase close rates and eliminate wasted time dealing with difficult clients.)

Inning 5 – SIMPLE THINGS TO TAKE YOU FROM GOOD TO GREAT – There are a lot of little things that matter in your sales process. How is your pacing/speed in talking/presenting? How effective are you at asking questions? Do you use the power of pauses? How can you effectively answer questions with questions to get down to the root reasons clients are asking questions? We’ll cover all of that and more.

Inning 6 – STOOOOOORIES – The power of Stoooooories and how to practice and craft them for your specific business. Facts tell, stories sell. The good news is – you’re full of stories. You just need to Batting Practice to pull them out.

Inning 7 – WILDCARD HOUR – Participants will submit Batting Practice topics and situations before the event begins and the group will vote on 1 or 2 of the areas they want to devote the ‘Wildcard Hour’ to. (What would you like us to cover?)

Inning 8 – BATTING PRACTICE OUTSIDE OF THE SALES PROCESS – We’ll spend some time on day 2 doing some Batting Practice on areas outside of the sales process. For example:

  • How to have a difficult conversation with an employee/trade partner
  • Practice on how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals with your team.
  • How to professionally present Change Orders to clients

Inning 9 – TAKEAWAYS – We’ll make sure we’re taking the time to capture takeaways to ensure that you not only learn these fresh and sharp ideas but that you also IMPLEMENTED them into your business when you return.

FUN – Did I mention we’re going to have fun? I’ll make this fun – it’s going to do wonders for you to step away from your business for a few days and I know with full confidence that you will leave feeling more prepared, recharged, and set up for greater success.

Batting Practice for Remodelers!  

When you leave this training,

You’ll leave with your own private playbook full of proven phrases and “Yes!” winning lines that you’ve learned from me and your peers.

You’ll leave and feel reinspired, confident, and in control of your entire sales process, which will translate into increased revenue and MORE FREE TIME!

This two-day training will be unlike anything you’ve ever been to (and you’ll love the big league swag we’ve put together!)

Yes, I want to join Kyle for Batting Practice!

I charge $5,000+ to take clients thorugh this in a 1-on-1 setting, but for this 2-day deep dive, group event the cost of admission is only $1,497 (and there’s a generous discount if you have a second team member joining!).

My goal with every training I offer is that you’ll receive 10x your investment back in your business in the short term and MUCH MORE in the long term as you refine and improve your processing based on this training!

And don’t forget about my unheard of no-risk guarantee – if for ANY reason you are unsatisfied with the training, just pull me aside before the end of day 2 and say so, I’ll refund your price of admission, no muss, no fuss, and we’ll part friends. 

Yes, I want to join Kyle for Batting Practice!

If you have questions or need more info, call or text me today at (517) 902-8450.