Joe with Looking Up Construction replied to an email I recently sent him on ‘Little Things’ he does on his projects. This is the type of thing I want you to always be thinking about. Marketing gets a whole lots easier when we are giving the client a wonderful and remarkable remodeling experience:

“Kyle – Here is my main thought – rather than put marketing money into getting new clients that don’t know anything about us, I would rather spend a few ‘marketing dollars’ on each project to push the client over the top and then they go get new clients for us that have already heard really good things about us.’

We all know it takes extra time and money to go above and beyond, but if we remember that this is the best marketing money we could possibly spend, then it makes so much more sense.

Little things like the obvious but easy to rush through:

– Take time to educate the homeowners, answer their questions fully and in detail so that they feel really informed and confident on their dream kitchen remodel – yea we do them everyday, but they only do one or two in a lifetime and it means a lot to them!

– That horribly overloaded trashcan – I remind my guys that trash pick up is on Friday and that they should take it to the curb Thursday before they go home.

– Find a value added something that is obviously not in the contract, but will make the overall job look better or function better and include it for free.  

– Joe”

If you’d like the opportunity to talk 1-on-1 about how to enhance the remodeling experience your clients have with your company, here’s your link.

P.S. What are some of the ‘Little Things’ you do on your projects to push your client to be ‘over the top’ happy? Comment below and let me know.