1-on-1 Coaching

There are three main areas that I focus on:

  1. Marketing Plan
  2. Sales Process
  3. Financials / Business Strategy

By working 1on1 together it will enable me to get to know you and your business in a deep and meaningful way and allow for the most change/improvement/impact to happen. Some details are below on what we would focus on and the structure of the coaching:


Please see this PDF (click here.) This is the workbook that’s focused on the Marketing Strategy & Tactics for your remodeling business. We’ll go through all of the areas that you see in this workbook.

The deliverable as we work through it is a clear Marketing Plan for your business. We’ll set clear priorities for what you’ll focus on. Have a clear ‘Next Step’ attached to each part of the marketing plan and dates for implementation and who is responsible will be included. We’ll put in the ‘Parking Lot’ ideas that you may incorporate in the future, but that isn’t going to be part of the plan now.

We will set a Marketing Budget as part of this as well – and tie the Marketing Plan & Budget together.


For each area of your Sales Process, I’ll dig in to get an understanding of what you’re currently doing and how you’re doing it and from there offer you my suggestions/ideas/coaching on what you could improve and make better. Steps in the Sales Process that we’ll cover:

  1. Your First Call/Contact With A Prospect
  2. What happens between Initial Phone Call & First In-Person Meeting
  3. Best practices for what to do After In-Person Meeting
  4. Evaluate your Design/Project Development and Estimating Process
  5. Setting up your professional Lead Tracking & Sales Pipeline System
  6. How to best Follow-up with Prospects
  7. What to do when we sign a New Client
  8. What to do when the job is completed
  9. How to effectively Stay-In-Touch with Previous Clients/Prospects

As a client of mine, I have a lot of templates/tools/resources that will make implementing changes/improvements a lot easier for you.


  • Review the way you currently have QuickBooks set-up. I’m not an accountant, but I’ve reviewed a lot of contractor Profit & Loss Statements
  • Review your Profit & Loss Statement in detail – Review percentages/margin results – compare/contrast them to what I’m seeing as best practices in the industry
    • Offer suggestions on any reorganizing of the Profit & Loss Statement
    • Highlight areas that we can improve or that we need to look into further
  • Review your mark-up and update/adjust
  • Ensure that we have clear Job Cost Reports set-up in QuickBooks. Discuss/plan for improvements that need to be made in order to get these in place for every job that we complete
    • Goal here is to make sure we are seeing how profitable each project is (quoted hours vs. actual hours, etc.)
  • Discuss/get clear on 1-year business goals and longer-term (5+ year) business goals. Along with other questions:
    • Do you want to grow/stay-the-same?
    • More employees or not?
    • Goal for what you’d like to earn from the business, etc.
    • We’ll talk through all of these topics and as we are doing so, will create a document that will be your clear 2019 Business Plan that you’ll make decisions, track progress, and take actions based on.
  • Prepare (In QuickBooks) 2019 Business Budget – dig into each line item and discuss. Deliverable is an organized, realistic, and clearly understandable budget that you can plan/work from

Lastly, in addition to the area above – along the way, you can anticipate that 10-15% of our time will be devoted to improving other areas of your business. I’ll also dig in a bit to work/life balance and offer my coaching and help with that.

Structure of Coaching Program:

  • We’ll schedule three phone meetings each month (weekly for the first month or so)
  • We use Dropbox to keep all of the files that we are working on organized and Zoom for all of the phone/video meetings
  • I’m available anytime via email or to schedule another scheduled phone call during the month if needed
  • I will take on Action Steps during each meeting to complete before our next meeting – I will help you get the work done in between our calls – not just tell you what to do 🙂
  • As a client of mine – I have different tools/templates/systems processes that I will make available to you to help you save time with implementing the work and for greater effectiveness

Some other benefits:

As an active coaching client of mine, you’ll receive access each month to:

  • Access to my two assistants – This is a bit of an open-ended part of my coaching for clients. I have Bailey and Casandra who work for me. Do you have some photos to add to Houzz or your WordPress website? Have a blog post that you’ve done a rough draft on that needs a little editing and then posting? Want to make some edits/updates to your Google page? Need help cleaning up your Client List? Have a new blog post to upload to WordPress? Have some social media posts written that you want someone to post and schedule? As we discuss things – there’s a lot of little things that my assistants help my clients with to help you save time and just, flat out, get things done. The biggest thing with this is I just ask that we keep it ‘within reason’ – having them help with several things during the month – spend a few hours on things – that gets to the heart of what this benefit is for my coaching clients.
  • Full Access to my existing training courses and 50% discount on future courses: 
    • Remodel Your Sales Process – Professional sales training, led by Kyle Hunt, to give you the tools and confidence you need so that you can differentiate your remodeling business, understand your prospects needs better, help you close more sales, and help you to deliver a remarkable experience for your clients. 8 recorded sessions + all resources/templates/tools included ($297/value)
    • Remodel Your Marketing Plan – 5 Session Training Course focused on two deliverables for you: 1. A clear Marketing Plan for your remodeling business 2. A clear and specific Marketing Budget for your business ($147/value) 
  • Customized Client Satisfaction Survey & Lost Job Survey –  As a coaching client of mine, we’ll customize an end of job Client Satisfaction Survey for you (and two other surveys as well) to send to your clients when you complete a job with them. Example here ($150/value)
  • Improve Your Sales & Marketing Process – My team will customize and set-up professional email communications for you to use throughout your sales process:
    • Professional Appointment Confirmation Emails
    • Follow-up Emails/Postcards
    • New Client Kit Email & PDF
    • Completed Job Sequence of Emails to send to your clients when you complete a job with them ($500/value)

Set-up a complementary coaching call to see if this is a good fit for you!