I spoke at the International Builders Show in Vegas back in January.

It was a great show – great attendance – lots of excitement – very well run/organized.

I got there on Tuesday and went to the show to check in as a speaker and look at the room I would be speaking at the next day.

That afternoon I attended a couple of the educational sessions that were going on. One in particular was on Social Media. It was an encore of the same session they gave that morning.

The room was packed! 300+ folks.

The speakers were talking about strategies related to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. They were sharing some pros/cons of each. Sharing some success stories, etc.

Here’s the problem I had with it…

The majority of the contractors, remodelers, builders in the room shouldn’t have been in the Social Media session.

Sure… Social Media continues to be ‘sexy.’ It’s always changing, new things coming out every week/month. Several of my clients are having nice success (i.e. leads and paying projects!) from Social Media…

BUT – the majority of business owners (maybe you are one of them) shouldn’t be worrying about Social Media at all…


  • When I ask you, “I did a $40,000 kitchen remodeling project with you two years ago – have I heard from you since then?” – and you answer “No”… (i.e. You aren’t staying-in-touch with previous clients.)
  • Your sales process is not systematic and you are shooting from the hip instead of following a proven and consistent process.
  • You aren’t following up with prospects and can’t easily tell me who is in your ‘done proposal for, haven’t signed’ bucket.
  • You can’t clearly tell me how you are different from other remodelers.
  • You have a website that is old/outdated and that you are not proud of.
  • You aren’t doing any BLB’s or developing any Strategic Partnerships.

The things I listed above (and others) are not very ‘sexy’ – but they are proven and will give you a better return on your efforts.

They are the things that I focus my clients on when I work with them to improve their marketing system and sales process (grab a complementary coaching call with me here.)

In summary, you don’t have all of the time in the world to improve your marketing system and sales process, so make sure you are focused on the things that are most important and will give you the best bang for your buck!