So you’re working in a great neighborhood – the homes are of the age that they’re ripe for remodeling!

The job is just starting and the neighbors are seeing your vehicles, jobsite sign, and the activity. It’s time to add some targeted marketing to the mix.

Two options:

1. Could be as simple as hand-delivering a Pardon Our Dust letter to the immediate neighbors. Introduce yourself and tell them to contact you if they have any concerns or if you can be of service to them (a little time consuming, but a really nice touch.)

2. Mail out a postcard to the street and adjoining street where you are working. One at the start of the job and one at the end.

Some of the content of the postcard could be something like this:

We know that, while the work is being done, you may experience an occasional inconvenience. If you’re ever concerned with any aspect of this project, don’t hesitate to call us.

I want you to know that we go to great lengths to make sure you hardly even notice we’re around. Our past clients have let us know that they really appreciate the extra effort we go to in this regard.

We have worked in this neighborhood for years and we pride ourselves on the friendly and courteous nature of our workers and our well maintained job sites.

They may hold onto your postcard for 3 or 6 months until they are ready. That’s ok.

Now they have your information, will remember who did their neighbor’s work, and reach out to you for their project.

I see this happening every week with remodelers who are sending out Pardon Our Dust campaigns with Remodelers AutoPilot.

With Remodelers AutoPilot, sending out a Pardon Our Dust postcard to the neighborhood around your jobsite is as easy as taking 90 seconds and filling out this form [example form here] – the rest is 100% taken care of for you through the system.

Be proactive in reaching out to the neighborhoods around your jobsites. This should be a consistant and mico-targeted part of your marketing efforts.