One thing that everything going on right now has highlighted for me and a lot of my clients is the importance of our client lists. Your clients are the ones who already know, like, and trust you. They are the ones who, between repeat and referral work, represent a large percentage of your top-line revenue.

Now is the time to be in consistent communication with them. Remodelers AutoPilot clients have been choosing between multiple email newsletter options in the past month. Click here to see the examples: A couple of things for you to take action on:

  1. If you don’t have your client list organized, let’s put some focused effort behind that.
  2. If you have your client list organized and it’s been a long time since you reached out to them – fix that this week.
  3. If you want an easy and affordable to get your list organized and consistently reach out to your list, month in, month out, along with other benefits (done for your social media, group coaching call with me each month) try Remodelers AutoPilot out for $:

PS – Don’t delay, sign-up today! (That sounds kind of corny but it made me laugh because it rhymes! And it’s true. Don’t put it off if you’re interested)