So I got a new haircut on Friday. Nothing too spectacular.

As my hair continues to – let’s just say – ‘thin out’ I’ve been cutting it shorter.

This time around I went all the way down to the shortest blade.

The thing about a new haircut is that if you don’t like it – don’t sweat it – it’ll grow back and you can try something else.

This is similar to changes in your remodeling business.

Just because you try something new – doesn’t mean you have to live with it for the rest of your life.

Learn from it.

If it worked – keep doing it.

If it kind-of worked – tweak it and make it better.

If it didn’t work at all – scrap the idea.

Examples would be:

  • New questions you ask during an initial phone call with a prospect
  • Talking ‘budget’ with a prospect
  • Testing out a new (higher) markup on your work
  • Presenting your proposals in a new way
  • Trying different ways of motivating your team
  • Working with a new sub-contractor
  • Installing something using a new tool/technique
  • Testing out a new way of advertising
  • Recording a video highlighting something on your jobsite
  • Improving the way you ask your client for a review or referral
  • Calling a previous client just to check in

The point is – try new things – then keep doing them, tweak, or scrap.


If you need to get out of a rut and work on major changes/improvements to your sales process, how you manage your sales pipeline, and how you follow-up and stay-in-touch with your previous clients – take a look at Remodelers AutoPilot.

Keep moving forward – don’t become complacent!

What can you try/test today in your business?