I posted this fill in the blank question on my Facebook page yesterday:

‘Something I didn’t do very well in 2017 – that I’m going to kick-butt at in 2018 is ________.’

I had a lot of people chime in, but my wife Sarah commented on the post with, ‘I would prefer to talk about the things we did well in 2017.

When I got home, she expanded on that and said:

“I’m just tired of focusing on all the things I’m not doing well and need to get better at vs. spending time on the positive side of things and the things that have been improved and are better.”

Being married to a business coach who’s focused on constant improvement for my clients (and myself) can probably be a little taxing to live with at times 🙂

Sarah brings up a great point – as you wrap up 2017 this month – spend some time to focus on how far you’ve come in the last 11+ months.

Let that soak in. Let that motivate you.

Let that encourage you.

Let that push you to even better things in 2018.

So, I’ll rephrase my question from yesterday:

What’s something you improved and kicked butt at this year?