I’m feeling refreshed after a week-long vacation with the family. A vacation with four kids always begs for a ‘vacation from the vacation,’ but it’s all good 🙂

I was able to disconnect my brain from the work side of life while we were away, but what’s interesting is that I had one clear epiphany that came to me last week.

I’m working on too many things in my business.

Over the last several months, I’ve been dabbling with 8-10 projects – new marketing initiatives, testing and trying things, planning new events or products/services, etc.

What needs to happen in order to drive better results:

More focus on fewer things.

So this morning I spent some time selecting the 2-3 things that are going to get 90% of my time/attention.

Note: These are 2-3 on the business things that are going to get 90% of the time I have set aside for working on the business (vs. in the business.)

I’m not going to forget about the other projects, but I’m putting them squarely in the ‘Parking Lot’ – which are ideas that are still good but aren’t going to get any attention for now.


This ‘more focus on fewer things’ mantra is probably applicable to your business as well? Something to think about.

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