I’ve always been a baseball fan.

I cut my teeth in business by buying and selling baseball cards growing up. I had a website and business called Major League Cards – throughout high school and into college, I had a little baseball card ‘empire’ – I averaged $500-$750 of profit every month. More importantly then that – I loved it! And it taught me a ton about hustle, hard work (I painstakingly added 1,000’s of cards to my website – I packaged up cards – stuffed envelopes – mailed them out – had a blast doing it.)

The reason I’m talking about baseball is because I was thinking about your sales process.

Mike Trout – arguably the best player in baseball these days – you know what he does every week? Batting Practice. Here he is – the best in the game – he’s practicing – hitting the cages and honing his craft.

What about you?

How much are you practicing your craft? How often are you doing some “batting practice” related to your sales process?

Think about common objections you hear:

  • “Wow, that’s more expensive then I thought it was going to be”
  • “I don’t know what our budget is, that’s why I’m asking you”
  • “When can you start this bathroom project?”
  • “Can you break out that kitchen estimate in more detail for us?”

You can count 90% of the objections on 5 or fewer fingers.

Write out the objections you’re always hearing! THEN – Batting Practice – practice what you’re going to say. Get better and better and better at it. Improve your answer. Prepare. Build your confidence.

Reach out anytime!

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