I use Twitter to quickly share with Remodelers some of my observations, tips and items of interest.

I thought I’d grab a few of the Tweets that I’ve written recently and toss them into a blog post for your reading enjoyment.

(This is an example of “Re-purposing” your content! Not a bad tip to follow for your blog or marketing system…)

You can follow me on twitter here – and then read the 12 recent tips/observations below:


  • No difference between you & competitors? Remodelers: In that case, the only thing left to compete on is price… You gotta DIFFERENTIATE!
  • Remodeler: Have you went old school and written a hand written thank you note today? Do it. People appreciate it.
  • Only 3 of 15 contractors in workshop this AM have sent something to their client list in last 12months. Uh oh.
  • Most Interesting feedback from my workshop this AM: “Helped me know what I didn’t know…” – Love that. Now TAKE ACTION my friend!
  • I’m mindful that even though it might be simple, it’s often not obvious. (RT: matthewrayscott)
  • duh? is such a relative concept – we’re all blinded to some degree by the fact that we don’t know what we don’t know (RT @ducttape)
  • Remodelers: If it’s not worth delivering In Person – it’s not worth quoting…
  • Fixed the Lead Taking Process for 3 of my remodeling clients in the last 2 days. Do you have a solid Process for that 1st impression?
  • My client just told me, you know what my #1 business goal is: “To make my remodeling clients Happy.” That’s a good base to work from.
  • Remodelers who don’t have simple stay-in-touch system in place to keep in front of Previous Clients are leaving $ & Referrals on the table.
  • Make Referrals an Expectation of Doing Business With You (you can do this in a natural, comfortable and powerful way.)
  • 1 task taken to successful completion is better than 1/2 a hundred 1/2 finished tasks… Read & remember this daily