You’re busy. I’m busy too.

Kids to run here and there. Emails to send and phone calls to make. Client work to complete.

Haircut to sneak in. The gas tank needs to be filled up. Family member to devote some time to.

You’ll be busy next week and next month and next year too.

The question is: Will you and your business be more organized, efficient, and profitable next week or next month or next year?

How can you continue to improve and get better?

How can you drown out the distractions this afternoon to focus on (and complete!) the most important thing on your to-do list?


Maybe that means you work with your laptop with some headphones on at the coffee shop for 90 minutes.

Maybe that means you just grab the phone and make that tough phone call you’ve been needing to make.

Maybe that means you reach out to me and ask for some help and motivation, because you realize you can’t do it all on your own.

Maybe that means you go for a drive in your truck to collect your thoughts.


No reason for this note other than for a quick dose of motivation that I hope you’ll find helpful and useful this afternoon.

Reach out anytime!

P.S. The sun came up again this morning and the world still spins.

Since it’s now the day after the election – I’d like to point you again to this message I wrote the other day: The Day After: Wednesday – November 9, 2016.