7 (+1) Fast, Easy, And PROVEN Marketing Tactics CD

Remodeler: There are 2 ways for you to listen to the CD:

1. Click the play button below to listen to the CD right from this page:

2. Or click here and you can download a MP3 copy of the file to listen on your computer, iPod, or however you’d like!

Ready to take action on what you heard?
How about we talk on the phone for 29-Minutes?

Since you have took the time to listen to the 7 (+1) CD, I’d like to offer you a 29-Minute Complementary Coaching Call. This is NOT a sales call, but rather a opportunity for me to learn about your remodeling business and offer some suggestions based on my experience and expertise.

All you have to do to request the 29-Minute Coaching Call is complete the “Scorecard for Remodelers” – which is found at this website:


I’ll receive your Scorecard and my assistant will follow-up with you within 1-2 business days to schedule our call.