Thomas, Christmas 2007

Usually when I speak to Home Builder Groups here in Michigan – it’s during a regular membership meeting.

By the time I get up there to talk everyone has:

  • Had a few drinks (90 minutes ago)
  • Ate a nice meal (and probably want to get up and stretch or head to the bathroom)
  • And they have listened to 6-8 reports/updates from their fellow members on a variety of topics… Some lasting longer than they would have liked (let’s be honest!)

That sets the stage for me – I try to be a fireplug – try to entertain, engage with you remodelers and builders while delivering a powerful and clear message on Marketing.

Sometimes I like to start the conversation with this:

“So, when I say the word MARKETING – do you have a feeling rush over you like you get when you go to the DENTIST or like you have on CHRISTMAS MORNING?”

You see, if you are like a lot of remodelers I’ve met – MARKETING isn’t your favorite subject.

In fact – it’s like getting your tooth pulled. Painful. No Fun. Expensive.

But guess what?

There are remodelers here in Michigan who get the feeling of CHRISTMAS MORNING when they think of MARKETING! Excitement. Happiness. Hope. Anticipation.

When you have a Marketing SYSTEM in place. A system that delivers predictable and profitable results, Marketing becomes one of your favorite topics…

* Photo Credit: Our son Thomas falling over a bunch of presents! Christmas 2007.