During several Remodelers Circle Mastermind meetings last week – there was a lot of talk centered around the initial phone call with a new prospect, explaining our process to them, and, in particular, how to effectively implement a Design Retainer or Project Development Agreement into their business.

As a reminder, that first call with a new prospect and laying out for them what your process looks like is so very important.

I just uploaded a video to YouTube where I go through 10 Tips to Improve Your Initial Phone Call with a New Remodeling Prospect – you can view it here.

Sometimes implementing something new in your business isn’t knowing what to do, but having the courage to do it. To give it a try. To fail a bit, learn from it, and try again.

Getting the courage and confidence to try new things is a huge part of how I see my clients improve and transform as they participate in Remodelers Circle.

When you get in a group of like-minded, non-compete remodelers from around the country – and your relationship starts to form with the others in the group – you start feeling comfortable asking questions to each other, like:

  • What do you say when the client tells you they don’t have a budget?
  • Do you explain the Designer Retainer on the phone or just at the in-person meeting?
  • What do you email them between the phone call and in-person meeting?

Then you get answers to those questions from remodelers you trust and (tooting my own horn) an expert coach who specializes in the remodeling industry – and your clarity and confidence and courage to try new things grows.

I’ll be launching some new Remodelers Circle groups in September/October. Details can be found here.

And please give the YouTube video above a try. Pick up just one thing for you to incorporate into your business! Also, I listed out the 10 things in written form in the video description if you prefer to read vs. watch.