I was talking with one of my Remodelers AutoPilot clients last week and we were going over the results he was seeing from the monthly email that we’ve been sending out consistently each month to his email list.

(It’s going out consistently because it’s all professional written and designed for him and he just has to review and give his thumbs up to send it – 2 minutes of his time!)

The last one he sent resulted in:

  • A prospect replied back to the email. He got an update on their project and that they will be ready to move forward with it in the coming month!
  • A previous client that he had done some repair work for called him. ‘I read your newsletter – it reminded me to give you a call!’ – He’s going out to look at adding a nice roof over the client’s patio

Good stuff, but it could be better.

He’s only sending his email newsletter out to 90 people. That’s how many email addresses he has in his Remodelers AutoPilot system.

What we discussed was how we can build that number up. The more people on his email list the better.

How about adding trade partners, friends/family, and strategic partners? Keep you and your business top of mind with them. Give them something they can easier forward to a possible referral they have for you.

What clients do we have in the system that we don’t have an email address for? Shoot them a quick text to say hello and request their email address.

If he can find several people a week to add to his list (many of those he will already have a relationship with) – he’ll have a couple hundred people on his list later this year.

My clients who are sending their monthly done-for-you email to their list of 300 or 400 or 500 get more replies, results, and leads.

Action Steps for you:

  • If you don’t have an email list of your previous clients and prospects – start to get one organized. It’s an extremely valuable marketing tool
  • You can use a free email marketing tool like Mail Chimp – it’s a decent program to help you get started marketing to your previous clients
  • If you want something even better (and set-up and done-for-you each month) consider Remodelers AutoPilot

Wishing you a wonderful week – be productive – focus on your most important work (not just on staying busy).

Reach out anytime.