Think about it: If you could uncover exactly why people pick you over everyone else,

Wouldn’t that make you a better salesperson?
Wouldn’t that help you close more business in the future?
Wouldn’t you take advantage of this “goldmine” of information in all your marketing and communications?

You bet you would!

So, how about I tell you exactly how to find out why your clients are picking you over any other option they are looking at?

In 3 steps, here’s how:

Step 1:

Right before you begin the job or the week you start the job – ask the client if they could help you out by sharing some candid thoughts with you. It will only take 5-10 minutes at most (I prefer this to be done in-person or over the phone.)

Step 2:

Tell them something like, “I’ve been doing this for a number of years – and something that I’ve been doing recently – is having a quick interview with my brand new clients on why they decided to choose us over any other options they looked at. So I have a few questions for you and I’d LOVE for you to give me your honest and candid feedback. Would you be willing to answer my 4 questions?”


  1. Did you consider any other remodelers to do your project? If so, who? (Ask them about their experiences…)
  2. What are the top 3 reasons you chose to work with us?
  3. What did we offer that others didn’t?
  4. Is there anything else you’d like to share on why you chose us? (Was it our marketing? Reputation? Personality? Products? Or something else?)

Bonus Question (ask it!) “Can you give us a ballpark idea, were we the most expensive option you looked at, right in the middle, least expensive?” (You aren’t looking for specifics – just a general idea.)

Step 3:

Take the answers you received and add them a document or spreadsheet titled “Reasons Clients Chose Us.” Just keep a running list of all the responses you get. You’ll start to see some patterns and things you need to bring up more often in your marketing and sales process.

Now, do you see how the timing of this works?

You ask them these questions when they are still pumped about the job. When “know, like and trust” is high. They have decided to go with you and you are just getting underway – their mind is clear and they still vividly remember the reason(s) behind their decision to go with you

If you approach it as outlined above, they will be more than happy to give you honest feedback and answers. There is no downside for them. You are their trusted remodeler! 

I’ve found that homeowners are happy to share this with you and impressed that you are taking the time to ask.

As a bonus, send them out a little Thank You note via postal mail or email the next day for taking the time to be candid and share their reasons for going with you.

That, my remodeling friend, is how you get inside your clients’ minds. Do this regularly and you’ll gain a lot of clarity on what makes you different.