What An 11-Year Old Thinks of My 7 (+1) Marketing CD

By now, you have probably had the chance to listen to the Marketing CD I sent you and I’m sure you have an opinion on it (hopefully a good one!)

Here’s what an 11-Year Old thinks of the CD – click the play button below:

If you haven’t listened to it yet…

Be sure to pull out the CD and listen to it for the first time, or a 2nd or 3rd time. It contains very practical tips that you can implement TODAY in your remodeling business.


The only reason you’ve read this far and watched the video above is because it is random, fun and creative. Let me quickly share how I did this…

I don’t know this kid! I had him record this video for $5. His dad is a professional voice-over person and the kid and his dad happily record these videos for anyone who wants them. Go and get lost at this website for a little while, www.fiverr.com, it is a website where people post things that they will do for $5. All good, clean fun.

As you browse the site – look for ideas that you can use for your remodeling business. The more creative the better! Look for things you can email out to prospects, put on your website, etc. People want to watch/read things that are fun – not boring!


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