Thank You Cards

Remodeler: Here is a quick marketing tip.

This is an extremely practical tip that you can implement TODAY and make a habit of doing in the days, weeks, months – perhaps even years to come.

Click the play button below to listen to your 2 minute Marketing Tip:

Ready to take action on this tip?

  1. Go to Office Depot/Staples, wherever and buy a Package of Thank You Cards…
  2. On the next remodeling appointment you go on – when you get back to the office – I want you to pull one of those bad boys out and write a simple Thank You note… “Thank you so much for you time… “Excited for the opportunity to work for you and your wonderful family…“Look forward to talking to you again next Tuesday…
  3. Sign it – toss a business card in with it… Mail it out.

Listen to the Audio Message again for further details and then go do it! IMPLEMENT!

Like other Remodelers who do this consistently, they will become your “Unsung Hero.”