You have client’s names and emails in your Quickbooks. 

You have them in your email inbox. 

You have them in folders or scattered in different places. 

Your previous client list is your most valuable marketing asset (especially now!) 

One of the things that we do as part of the onboarding process for Remodelers AutoPilot is help and assist you in getting your client/prospect list organized.

We will tweak, edit and get rid of duplicates for you. We will show you how to export lists and help you merge them together. All in an effort to get your previous client list organized and ready to send a consistent monthly email out to (which is done-for-you through Remodelers AutoPilot.)

If your lists are all over the place and disorganized – let’s get them organized! And then work on getting your first email out to them – it’s really important to stay-in-touch with your clients right now. 

If you want to have a professional email done-for-you each month to help you drive repeat and referral work – try Remodelers AutoPilot for $1 here.