One of the most popular things I’ve written over the years is the “30 Little Ways to Differentiate Your Remodeling Business” <— If you click that link the PDF will open for you.

I think the reason people like it is because it just makes sense and it reinforces what we all know:

The best way to differentiate yourself and close more business is by doing a lot of little things right. It’s not magical or complicated – it’s about being consistent with practical and proven things.

For Example…

At the end of the initial phone call with a new remodeling prospect – you can say the following:

“You’ll be receiving an email from us containing a document titled: ‘What to Expect at our First Meeting.’ Please read and review that before we meet. We’ll send you the email this afternoon.”

And then send them an appointment confirmation email.

In the email, include the ‘What to Expect at our First Meeting’ doc as you mentioned – along with a link to your website, link to the Cost vs. Value Report, and a link to Houzz with something like this:

“We recommend that you start daydreaming on which is a great resource when you are planning any remodel. (Here is a quick video we created that shows you how to set-up a account and Ideabooks.)”

Be sure to thank them for the opportunity and let them know you are excited to meet them.

When they receive that email – what are some of the things that will be going through their head?

  • “Wow, these guys are organized”
  • “This obviously isn’t the first time they’ve done this – they have a nice process.”
  • “They are timely!”
  • “Hey honey, come and create this idea book with me so that we can send it back to the remodeler.”
  • [And other positive and good things that you want them thinking about you.]

Marketing is all about building know, like and trust. A simple appointment confirmation email with solid resources and links is a great way to start the process off.

My remodelers who use Remodelers AutoPilot send out this professional appointment confirmation email with one click of a button. It happens quickly and consistently. Please reply back if you’d like to hear more about the system.

One of my goals today was to get this blog post written up.

I got the kids down for bed a little bit ago and my wife will be home from choir rehearsal in a bit (she directs a county youth choir on Monday nights.)

I typed this up and posted it to you so that I can check that off the to-do list today. Now it’s time to hustle and pick up the mess of a living room so that I have a happy wife when she walks through the door 🙂

Hope your September is going well – reach out anytime
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