My Remodel Your Marketing Members hear me talk about this all the time:

Operating a successful business isn’t about one magic bullet or one big idea. It’s about doing all the little things correctly… Building a culture of success and operating at a high performance level is about doing all the little things correctly…

With all the talk about Green Remodeling/Building and the Federal Tax Credits that are out there – it’s good to remember that it is still the little things that will get that homeowner to sign on the dotted line.

Greg Antonioli, a blogger for Remodeling Magazine, summed this up nicely in a recent post:

The remodeling consumer is still going to buy on emotion from someone who authentically identifies and addresses their concerns. Heightened awareness of environmental issues will not necessarily make environmental issues the prospect’s #1 concern, even with tax credits thrown in as a bonus. Budget, schedule, invasion of privacy, job site cleanliness and safety, a comfort level with the people working in their home, design….are the other criteria to which “green” and tax credits will be added.

Let’s focus on mastering the little things.