Here’s what I got for you today (the more important part is the second item I discuss below…)

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I’ve been trying to mention Remodelers AutoPilot in each email I send out – a man has got to eat! – but now that that is out of the way…


Here’s what I really wanted you to email you about:

Man does it feel nice when people are nice to you.

And, boy, it doesn’t take much to be nice to people.

I received a note recently from the lady who runs the children’s ministry at our church. I teach once a month to the 1st-4th grade group.

She took the time to write me a nice note – a couple sentences about the lesson I recently did. A thank you and some other things. It felt so nice to read.

And to think that she’s busy and went out of her way to send me that email means a lot. She didn’t have to do it.

Here’s what’s interesting…

Receiving her note sent off a chain reaction of sorts.

Because of the way her note made me feel – it reminded me – man, I should be doing that for others too.

The next thing you know, I sent a text to a buddy. He’s a police officer. Works the night shift. Has three little ones (one who’s just months old.) The guy doesn’t sleep – he’s in about as stressful of a job as you can be in – working hard on balancing life and work and husband and dad responsibilities.

He was blown away that I was thinking about him and sent him a note.

It took me 30 seconds to send.

I sent my wife a quick note telling her that I was thinking about her and that I loved her. Just out of the blue.

I made a quick phone call to a client who I know is struggling right now and an email to someone I haven’t spoken to in a while.

All of that happened because someone was really nice to me…

These are things we all know mean a lot in life. They are the way most (all?) of us want to live our lives – but we’re busy. We’re juggling a lot of things. We’re pulled in a lot of different directions.


I hope that this note spurs you on to extend a little extra kindness and thoughtfulness to people you run into today and/or prompts you to reach out to others in your life who would be lit up by receiving an unexpected note/call.

That’s all I got to say… about that. [Re-read that last line in a Forrest Gump voice.]

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday – be well – reach out anytime.