Is this you? 

  • You’re charging 25% mark-up on materials and trade partners and $75/hour for your in-house labor (You’re not really sure if that’s enough or how you even came up with it though. You’re not sure what your mark-up should be or how to calculate it.) 
  • In your estimates, you put $40/hour COST in for each labor hour and then add your mark-up (but you haven’t updated/calculated your actual Employee Labor Burden Cost in over a year – are you even sure that $40/hour cost is correct?) 
  • You estimated 250 Labor Hours on the project, you added your mark-up, but don’t know how you ACTUALLY did when the project was completed (You’re not paying attention to your Job Costing – you don’t have a simple process set-up to see Expected vs. Actual Gross Profit.) 
  • If I set your Profit & Loss Statement in front of you and asked you to explain it to me – there would be a lot of “Ummmm” and “I think maybe…” (instead of confidently knowing how to read and understand it.)
  • When I ask you what your Annual Overhead Expenses are – you aren’t sure. 
  • When I ask you what your goal is for Net Profit Margin – you don’t have one set. 
  • You’ve never set-up an overall Business Budget to help you cast a vision for your financial goals and plans for the year. 
  • You know you need to understand the difference between Mark-up & Margin – but it’s always been confusing and elusive. 


My friend, I don’t share all of these examples to frustrate or stress you out. 

I’m sharing them because I’m looking for some remodelers who read what I just wrote 

And then raise their hand and say, 

“Kyle, you’re talking about me in several of those examples. I’m going to sign-up for your course so that you can help me make more money and feel in control of my numbers.” 


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