A research firm made 2,000 calls to businesses asking:

“How much is your (product) or (service)?” just to see what type of response they received…

  • 79% never asked for the callers’ name
  • 86% never asked for the phone number or address
  • 44% gave the price and other information, but made no effort to arrange an appointment
  • 38% gave out some prices and hung up after the caller said thank you
  • 52% took more than 8 rings to answer the phone, and a full 28% put the caller on hold for more than two minutes

WOW. I truly hope you do better…those are disappointing numbers!

Let this serve as a reminder:

You need a systematic approach when it comes to answering incoming phone calls…

Are you asking the right questions? How are you converting the call into an appointment or “next step”?

What if you were able to convert another 10% of these calls into solid appointments?

Document your current approach. If you need help, reach out to us and we’ll provide you with some best practices that work for our members and that they have had great success with.