From one of my remodeling clients:

“Super excited to share this: Just this week we implemented a design retainer process and so far we are 2/2! If nothing else, we will have been paid for our time, but more importantly – our clients will be receiving better service!”

Whether you call it a design retainer, project development agreement, or professional services agreement – the approach and process of getting paid for your time to develop a detailed proposal is something you need to study and consider implementing.

Your knowledge, time, and professional experience are valuable and you should be compensated for it.

Remember: There’s a big difference between offering a free estimate vs. a proposal where you offer detailed specifications and a guaranteed budget.

Session #2 in my Remodel Your Sales Process course covers this topic in depth and offers several example templates you can download and customize for your business.

You can purchase the Remodel Your Sales Process course (see details here) or (better yet!) as a member of one of my Remodelers Circle mastermind groups, you get access to it as one of the benefits of being a member.


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