“I’ve been eating like crap for a month”

“I keep neglecting the estimating work on my desk”

“I’m out of shape”

“I need to sit down with Joe for his review, but I don’t want to deal with the confrontation”

“I haven’t set aside any time for myself to study/read”

“I need to take my wife on a date”

“Where has the revenue gone? My books are not organized”

“I need to get some new project leads into the business”

“I should follow-up with that prospect”


If you don’t do anything about it, nothing changes.

Maybe this means you need to drop and knock out 20 pushups

Maybe you need to go for a walk and clear your head

Maybe you need to immediately text your spouse and set up a date

Maybe you need to call your employee and set-up a time to meet

Maybe you need to talk to me about getting involved in Remodelers Circle so that you have a business group to belong to

Maybe you need to order a salad for lunch today

If you don’t do anything about it, nothing changes.

Remember that and do something about it.