The three words ‘I reached out‘ is key to the story below.

My client received this project request:

“Planning new home build on 41 acres. Please call me on my cell phone to discuss the project. I heard good things about you from my loan officer, Susan, and noted that you are a member of the local Home Builders Association (I am also a member.)”

He told me:

“This client was referred to me via a bank lender.  I reached out to a couple weeks back to set-up a BLB and within one day, she referred this guy to us.”

Here’s a reminder on what the ‘BLB’ thing is all about.

Again, the key takeaway is the “I reached out” part.

There are potential strategic/referral partners (think bank lenders, architects, realtors, home inspectors, designers, specialty trades) that you should develop a relationship with.

The key is to Reach Out… Who can you set-up a BLB with today? Think about it and then reply back and let me know.