I know what your day was like today.

You made your daily to-do list. Got your crew out the door. Checked on a jobsite. Ordered some materials. Chatted with one of your subs. Ate lunch. Had a sales call.

Worried about something related to the business. Were excited about something else in the business. Lined up a job for later in the week…

Give me one thing.just-one-thing

Email me with ONE thing. Just one thing.

Could be related to:

Business (Sales/Marketing/Financial/Production/HR/etc.) Personal. Marital. Fatherhood/Motherhood. Faith. Health. Hobby. Volunteer.

What’s something outside of your normal day-in and day-out work that you want to make progress on?

Think. Think. Think.

Read the question again. And think.

Email me and let me know your answer.

When you do that – you’ll have told someone.

You’ll have made an (albeit) little commitment to yourself to take action on it.

You’ll probably get an encouraging reply back from me.