I had a physical this morning.

I’m alive. I’m well.Lets get Physical

The big takeaway for me was the fact that we don’t focus enough on the fundamentals.

For example – in your remodeling business:

  • Are you pulling out a blank sheet of paper when you talk with a new remodeling prospect or do you have a system (a Project Discovery Sheet?)
  • Are you getting an email out between the initial phone call and first meeting to build know, like, and trust?
  • Have you added any new photos to your website or Houzz profile in the last three months?
  • When was the last time you were proactive with asking for a review on Google from one of your satisfied clients?
  • How about you fire off a hand-written thank you card today to that prospect you just met with?
  • What prospect should you follow-up with today? Go pick up the phone and make the call.
  • Speaking of the phone – go call one previous client: ‘Was thinking about you today – wanted to check in and see how you guys are doing and how the job we did for you is holding up.’
  • Did you acknowledge and thank the person who referred you that kitchen project you just signed last week?

Nothing earth shattering in that list. Just good, solid fundamentals. I promise to keep hitting you with them, because we all need to be reminded.

Same thing with going to the doctor this morning.

My big takeaway was that we need to focus on the fundamentals with regards to our health.

This afternoon I did a Facebook Live and recorded a little recap of my physical this morning. You can watch it here (we don’t need to be friends on Facebook in order for you to view it. But feel free to friend me on there.)

Be sure to read through the comments that my friends have been making to the video. Some good perspective mixed in there.
Keep working hard and don’t forget about the fundamentals.

I’ll close with: How can I help you? Send me an email and let me know.