“I am losing my motivation for the business and starting to not have patience with clients or employees.”

“I am losing motivation. MOTIVATE Me!!”

Each month, my Remodelers Circle members get some 1on1 time with me through something called a ‘Coaching Gym’ – they click a link and select a time for a 1on1 talk. When they fill out the request they answer this question:

“What specific topic would you like to discuss on our call? This is key to the meeting! Please list 1-2 topics below.”

Two of my remodelers this month had very similar answers to that – you see them above. Both have to do with losing motivation.


As a business owner myself of 10 years, I know exactly what they’re feeling.

We work and work and work. Juggle employees, marketing, sales, financials, production, operations, home life – the to-do list is long.

Kiss the spouse. Hug the kids.

Play with the dog. Get some sleep.

Rinse and repeat the next day.

It can make us weary. We can lose motivation. We’ve all been there.


I wrote up some ideas on what to do when you’re not motivated below – I hope you find one or two of them helpful:

One way to get motivated and to snap yourself out of a funk is to focus on WHY you do what you do.

Why do you enjoy running your business? Think about the freedom and advantages it gives you.

Focus on the people you’re able to serve. The excellent experience and results you’re able to deliver. Think about all of your great clients.

Think about the excellent remodeling work you accomplish every day. Take a little time to be proud of your work and what you’ve built with your business!

Focus on the employees and trade partners you have. What a gift! What’s something you can do today to show appreciation for them? When you show appreciation to others it usually helps you feel better too.

Maybe you’re not motivated because you’re not investing time in your faith. In study/journaling/prayer. Fix that.

Set-up a time to have lunch with a dear friend or family member. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break and having lunch with a loved one can help you regain perspective.

Maybe your health is crap right now. When you’re not exercising or eating well – you feel like crap. Your energy dips quickly. And that can hurt your motivation. If that’s you – improve that in a small way today.

Maybe it’s money/financials that are stressing you out, which drains and unmotivates you. “I work so stinking hard – where’s the money?” – If that’s the case set up a meeting with your bookkeeper or CPA or business coach. Get a good, clear understanding of where you’re at – and focus on a 30 or 60 day financial plan to improve your financial position. Baby steps.

Sometimes you need to just simplify things – review your to-do list and just pick ONE thing to focus on and knock out. Sometimes eating your frog can motivate you big time.

Maybe you just need to put some headphones on and play your favorite music for a bit to clear your head and get you ready to attack the day.

Lastly, and I touched on it a bit above – talk to someone about how you’re feeling. A trusted friend/family member. A fellow business owner (like I said above, we all go through phases where we’re feeling beat up and not motivated.)

Don’t be shy about replying back to this email and let’s shoot some emails back and forth or get on the phone for 10 minutes.

Hopefully there’s something in the list of ideas above that are helpful reminders for you today.