Have you ever purchased a tool that you and your team start using out in the field and after a couple weeks everyone says:

How did we live without this thing?!

I was talking with one of my Remodelers AutoPilot clients the other day and those words came out of his mouth. It’s because:

  • He now has his sales pipeline out of his head andorganized
  • He’s differentiating himself, right from the start, with a professional appointment confirmation email and postcard that is automatically mailed out to his prospects
  • Nothing is falling through the cracks, he feels incontrol, and is professionally following up with a couple clicks
  • He’s tracking his leads so he can run reports on what’s working and not working
  • He’s easily staying-in-touch each month with all of his previous clients and prospects with a done-for-you email newsletter
  • He’s easily sending ‘Pardon Our Dust’ postcards to the neighborhoods he’s working in to generate leads
  • He’s receiving helpful feedback with an end of job survey and securing Google Reviews after the job is completed

“How did I live without this thing?!”

Running a remodeling business is tough work – Remodelers AutoPilot can be the tool you need in your office to help you keep organized, efficient, and more profitable.

P.S. What’s your frog today?