Friday morning I spilled coffee all over my laptop.

A few reminders for you:

1. Crap happens. On the jobsite. That key employee leaves you. That job you thought you had in the bag (and that you were counting on!) decides not to go forward. You kill the motherboard of your computer by spilling coffee on it.

How do you respond? The quote below is something I’ve had in my office for years and hints at the answer:

2. Make sure you have your files backed up!

I use Google Apps for Business for my email/calendar, QuickBooks online, and Dropbox for my client work – I’m pretty well backed up in the cloud and have been able to use my wife’s computer without much trouble.

3. I’m here to help you with your remodeling business. Remodelers AutoPilot is a program that more and more remodelers are getting installed into their business.

Helping them transform their sales process in simple and powerful ways.

Organize their sales pipeline to close more sales.

Automate their stay-in-touch marketing with past clients to generate more repeat and referral work.

Email me if you’d like details.

Be sure to keep that coffee far away from the computer and work hard on making a good choice today related to your attitude.

Easier said than done sometimes (I know) – but very important.