The subject line of this email is the whole punch line:

‘How soon we forget’

As I’ve been checking in with clients during coaching calls this week a variation of this has popped up time and again:

  • ‘Yeah, I’ve gotten away from that – it was working well and I’ve just stopped doing it.’

The topics have ranged from questions they were asking prospects, marketing materials they were bringing out to their initial in-person meeting, check-in meetings they were doing with their team, a routine they were doing to start their work day.

This came up for me this week too.

I was doing a good job of not checking the mail or my phone or doing anything else the first five minutes I got home from the office. I had been giving my wife five minutes of uninterrupted time to ask her about her day and how she was doing right when I got home.

On Wednesday she said, ‘hey honey, remember when you were doing that everyday when you got home? I liked that.’

What is something that you had been doing in your life or business that was working well that you need to get back to?


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