blog post 4“His sales pipeline was organized in his brain vs. in any type of reliable system. A lot of his time was spent trying to remember who he was supposed to follow-up with. This lack of a system resulted in a lot of leads falling through the cracks.”

How is your sales pipeline currently organized?

There is huge value in clicking a button and instantly knowing everyone in your:

  • Appointment Stage
  • Design/Project Development Stage
  • Done Proposal For, Haven’t Signed Stage
  • Jobs In Progress
  • Completed Jobs for 2016

You’re leaving sales on the table if you rely on your brain to track your sales pipeline and manage your follow-up.

Instead of checking the news or Facebook for 20 minutes today – buckle down and start getting your sales pipeline organized.

My Remodelers AutoPilot system is much more reliable than your noggin – feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll send you the details on it.