Just as each person is unique, each Remodeling company is unique – and being authentic in who you are is one of the keys to creating business success. Sometimes you’re “too close” to even see what makes you unique.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard from Remodeling companies: “We basically do the same thing as everyone else.”

If that’s true, then you need to develop some ways people can distinguish you from your competitors.

Core to your marketing strategy is understanding and developing your uniqueness.

One of the best way to uncover what makes you unique is to ask your Previous Clients. These are the folks who already Know, Like and Trust you!

Call some Previous Clients up and ask them:

  1. Do you remember why you chose to work with us in the first place?
  2. What are our strengths?
  3. What do we do that others don’t or didn’t?
  4. If I were to ask you one word that best describes us, what would it be?

It’s amazing how often you’ll start to hear a common theme come out of these client surveys and often the words you hear from your clients will be the nucleus for your Core Difference and what makes you unique.