I have a client (a residential remodeler) who has received some good referrals from an interior designer in the past.

She’s sent him some great leads that have turned into great clients!

All of her referrals have been thrilled with his work. Great all the way around, except…

He hasn’t heard from her (the interior designer) in about a year. She hasn’t reached out. My client hasn’t reached out to her. It’s just been radio silence.

A couple weeks ago I said to my client as we were reviewing his Remodelers AutoPilot account and seeing where he’s been generating his leads from, ‘Hey, have you heard from that interior designer lately?’

Nope.’ he said.

‘You should reach out to her,’ I said.

He replied: ‘Hey Kyle – that’s a good idea!’

(Fancy ideas like this is why they pay me the big bucks folks…)

Fast forward, my client reached out to the interior designer. He simply picked up the phone and called her!

They set up a time for lunch and on the phone she said: ‘Hey, I have a referral for you – I’ll share it with you at lunch!’

Why hasn’t she sent him any referrals in the last year? Why did it take him reaching out to her to finally prompt a referral? Why has she not reached out to him at all lately? Not sure.

But I do know that when you proactively reach out to your strategic partners (people who share the same ideal client as you do and that can refer you) – good things happen.

I see it all the time.

Developing more of them and strengthening the relationships you already have with your strategic partners should be a key part of your Marketing Plan.


Remodelers AutoPilot could (should?) be a key part of your marketing plan too 🙂

Be productive today – not just busy,



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