On New Year’s Day I received an email from a colleague in Maine named Ryan Paul Adams. The email started out:

“After careful consideration, I have decided to approach you in regards to partnering on a project I’ve been working on.I think your skill set, knowledge in the industry, and the fact that I feel like we have similar backgrounds, values, and complimenting personalities would make this a success.
I am starting a new radio/podcast show called Remodelers On The Rise and I am looking for a co-host. I want to help inspire a nation of entrepreneurs to excel in the remodeling industry. The show would be a great platform for us to grow and build on.”


I got to know Ryan throughout 2013. Last year he started to focus his business on the remodeling industry (he used to be a builder/remodeler himself and now offers a great SEO/website service to remodelers with his local team in Maine.)

My gut told me he was a good guy, we stayed in touch all last year, and share some mutual connections.

When he approached me about Remodelers On The Rise, he had everything set-up on a silver plater and I couldn’t say no…

Fast forward two months and I’m announcing the launch of our Podcast in this email!

  • In each episode Ryan and I interview a successful remodeler. The first 5 interviews are at RemodelersOnTheRise.com
  • Here’s a direct link to Show #1 with Dennis Gehman from Gehman Design Remodeling in Pensylvania (each show has a written transcript in case you prefer that.)
  • You can get the podcast directly on your iPhone/Tablet. Here’s the link to the show on iTunes.

Three other quick items related to this:

  1. Don’t mind the ‘over the top announcer guy’ at the start of the podcast. We are going to tone that down a bit in the future… Something that matches our style a little bit better 🙂
  2. We have a free resource titled “Top 15 Tools Every Remodeler Needs” – these are business/marketing/sales related tools. Be sure to download and review.
  3. You’ll also see that in every interview we ask the remodeler,“Do you have a resources/template/tool that you would be willing to share with Remodelers On The Rise listeners?” – Dennis, Rob, Neil, and the others have already shared some great one that you can download and use.

Alright this blog post is long enough. Appreciate you checking out the podcast and, most of all, sincerely hope you find the interviews helpful. We’ll be cranking new ones out each week with you.

Talk again soon!