Yes, yes… I know you’re busy. So here’s what I have for you…

Two WIDE OPEN hours. No distractions.

One caveat… You have to use the two hours towards improving the marketing of your remodeling business.

My question for you:

What specifically are you going to do during those two hours?

Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your answer!

Some ideas to get your mind going…

  • Call 10 previous clients?
  • Take a Strategic Partner out for a BLB?
  • Send a hand written thank you note out to someone who referred you?
  • Update your company Facebook page?
  • Take photos of a recently completed project?
  • Record some quick, educational videos from one of your jobsites that you can use on your website or in follow-up with prospects?
  • Update your website with new photos or a blog post?
  • Gather some written/audio/video testimonials?
  • Send postcards to the neighborhood around the project you are about to start?
  • Create a Marketing Budget?
  • Attend a local networking event?
  • Plan a Homeowner Seminar on the ‘5 Steps to a Successful Remodel?’
  • Write a letter/email marketing piece to send out to your previous clients and prospects?
  • Work on an ‘Our Difference’ marketing piece that clearly articulates what makes you different than the competition?
  • Update your Google Local page?
  • Organize a list of all of your ‘Done Proposal For, Haven’t Signed’ contacts and follow-up with them?
  • Something else?

Now that you’ve read this far:

Consider requesting a complimentary (that means free of charge!) Marketing Strategy Session with me. It may just be the most valuable hour you spend on your business this year. GET STARTED HERE.

P.S. If you read the list of ideas above and thought, “I need to be doing all of these!!” – Then seriously consider the Marketing Strategy Session. You probably need help prioritizing what is going to give you the best return on investment (of both your time and money.)

As I say frequently: You don’t lack marketing ideas, what you lack is implementation (me with you – don’t feel alone!) What we all need is some outside help and prospective. I can provide that for you as I do for many of your remodeling colleagues across the country.

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