My goal is for you to find something of value in this post – something that you’ll be able to grab and implement into your life and/or business. Here goes:

Is it friendly? Professional? Make sure it’s not the default: ‘you’ve reached 5 1 7 9 0 2…’

If it’s not very professional, if you sound grumpy or in a hurry – record it and make it better (an idea I shared in Remodelers Community – another free Facebook group you might consider joining.)

So we’ve talked about Eating Your Frog, securing Google Reviews, opportunity to work on the balance of Faith/Family/Business/Life, and a quick reminder about your voicemail messages.

Lastly, if you are looking for a way to save time and execute your sales and marketing at a higher level – here’s a video that clearly explains how Remodelers AutoPilot works and what it includes.