Handout for 9/19/12 Webinar & Small-Group Program

Download the Webinar Handout here.

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HIGHLIGHTS from the webinar (When you see the “[0:00]” below – that tells you the minute in the webinar that you can find that highlight)

  • [4:40] Several people spoke up and shared some of their marketing challenges. Can you relate to them?
  • [13:00] I get on my soapbox for a bit… If you listen to no other part of the webinar – Listen to this part and take action on what I’m saying.
  • [20:00] I introduce the 9 Modules of an Effective Marketing & Sales Plan for your Remodeling business.
  • [24:57] Previous Clients: I share some stories and examples of how to ensure you don’t neglect this critical group. Lots of jewels in here.
  • [35:19] A story of how a Remodeler here in Michigan is working with Strategic Partners to fill his pipeline of leads/sold projects.
  • [41:53] Your website needs to help you ‘date’ before you get ‘married.’ See what I mean by listening to this section.
  • [48:02] I offer some free resources to help you improve your Sales Process.
  • [50:08] Been thinking about using video in your marketing efforts? Listen to this section for some clear ‘Next Steps’ on how to do that.
  • [53:06] Info on the small-group Marketing Action Plan program that will run from October 4th – December 20th. Sign-up here!
  • [55:40] Some great Q&A time to wrap up the webinar. Loved what Phil shared at the start of the Q&A time 🙂

Small-Group Program Details:

Title: Marketing Action Plan for your Remodeling Business

  • Will run from October 4th – December 20th (weekly 60-minute meeting, with a week off during Thanksgiving. Meetings are held via GoToMeeting)
  • Will go through each of the 9 Modules of your Marketing & Sales System. Will cover in depth each of the Lessons you see on Page 5 of this Handout.
  • Each Live and Interactive Lesson includes Templates, Resources, Tools, and Examples to make implementing it easier for you. All Lessons are recorded for you as well.
  • You have access to Kyle for questions/feedback via email in between calls.
  • Limited to 6-8 companies.
  • At the end of the program you will have:
    • A clear and prioritized Marketing & Sales System for your Remodeling business.
    • Several parts fully implemented, with clear Next Steps on how to implement the rest.
  • Investment: $450 x 3 months (Total Investment: $1350)
    Payment 1 before 10/1/12. Payment 2 on 11/1/12. Payment 3 on 12/1/12. Or pay full investment up front for 5% discount.
  • Save $100 off Total Investment if you sign up by Friday, September 21st.
  • Call Kyle with any questions: 517-548-7140
Fill out my online form.