A remodeling client of mine started 2018 with 6 Google reviews.

By the end of the year, they had 23.

This is great for building know, like, and trust. To help with local rankings/SEO. It’s important and solid marketing!

The question is: How did they do it?

Here’s how, in their own words:

“We started the year with 6 reviews and it was a goal of mine to get us to over 20.  We ended up with 23.   I created a spreadsheet that I use to track potential reviews and I schedule to send an email to everyone that we would want to review us.  I email each potential reviewer about 4 times before I drop them off of the list.  I keep track of each time I send a request as well.  We also ask for different reviews throughout the process and during our closing, we discuss that we would like to have them leave a review for us on Google and Houzz and ask if they would be willing during that time.  We also got our Houzz reviews from 4 at the beginning of the year to 18 that we have now.

I think the biggest thing is just being persistent and not being afraid to ask multiple times.

When people do take the time to leave a review, I send them a Thank You Card with a $10 Biggby Gift Card.  This is not mentioned in our request as we don’t want to turn the review into a “paid review” but just a follow up to say thank you to them for taking the time to help us out.”


Key Takeaway:

Ask. Ask again. Follow-up! Your clients are willing to do it – be respectful, but persistent in your follow-up.

Another thought:

The biggest hurdle with Google Reviews is they need to login to a Google account. Look at your list of previous clients. If their email ends in @gmail.com – that means they already have an account and it will be quicker and easier for them.

One final thought:

If your client leaves a review on Houzz or somewhere other then Google. Or they email, text, or fill out an end of project survey – and what they wrote you could be a great review. When you request they leave a Google review – include in your request what they already wrote you! Make it easy for them to just copy/paste it.

Set a goal for how many you’re going to secure in 2019 and go make it happen!

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