I like to start meetings with an ‘ice breaker.’ Not the hokey kind, but the good kind. They are a great way to get people engaged.

I have three pages of good ‘ice breaker’ questions. Email me if you’d like a copy of them.

A quick warning though… When you get to page 3 you’ll need to break out the Kleenex. It gets pretty deep!

I’m talking with a lot of remodelers right now who are BUSY!

Don’t forget (especially when it’s busy) to make sure you are setting aside time to meet as a team (this includes your key sub-contractors.) Discuss what’s coming up, what needs to be improved, etc.

Keep it simple. Keep it brief. And make sure you keep it consistent. Don’t go a year between meetings.

Lastly, a reminder on my Remodelers AutoPilot program. If you struggle with the things on this list – ask me how we can quickly fix them.

Fixing them will reduce your stress and make you more money.

Please reach out anytime (phone # 810-522-8755, text: 517-902-8450) or send me an email. Happy to help.