One of the first things I talk about with new remodelers I’m working with is sending out Thank You cards.

I like to joke that they are paying me for earth-shattering ideas like that.

“Gee Kyle, what a brilliant idea…” 🙂

I like to see them go out when we return from the first in-person meeting with a remodeling prospect.

A new client of mine sent out her first Thank You card the other day and got this response back:

“Hello [First name] ~ I LOVED the card you sent us in the mail, how neat!!! We both really appreciated getting that in the mail last Saturday, sorry it’s taken me this long to get back with you.”
Two quick lessons:
  1. I joked above that my clients pay me for ‘earth-shattering, unique ideas’ like sending out a Thank You card. The reality is you know you should be doing this. What you need is someone to hold you accountable to get it done: Let this email serve as that accountability…LINESPACELINESPACE
  2. Get a little creative! This client of mine didn’t send out a plain-jane Thank You card (not that there is anything wrong with that.) She sent out a card that the person can plant in the ground and it will grow into Wildflowers (they are cool, here’s the link where you can get some.)LINESPACELINESPACE
If what you lacking in your marketing and sales efforts is accountability to just get the work done, let’s chat.LINESPACELINESPACE