Free Resources

Note: Everyone learns differently. Keep that in mind as you market your remodeling business. What I have decided to do to reach my ideal remodeling clients is create content in a variety of ways (written/audio/images/video). I hope these resources are helpful as you market and build your remodeling business!


Remodelers Community

Remodelers Community is an engaging,  private Facebook group that I run. Has a lot of great conversation and sharing from over 1,000+ quality remodelers.


Remodelers on the Rise

Remodelers on the Rise is a weekly podcast full of ideas/inspiration/interviews for you and some that might be good for you to share with employees/trade partners.

Remodelers Vault

Remodelers Vault is a collection of resources/templates/tools created by remodelers for remodelers to strengthen your remodeling business, sharpen your sales process, improve your marketing, gain clarity of your financials, and much more!

Text Message Club

Interested in getting Text Messages from me? Might be a quick idea for your remodeling business or a word of encouragement. By joining, it will allow me to regularly check-in, nudge, encourage, help, and say hi via text! Just text JOIN to 516-219-9736

Remodelers on the Rise LIVE

A 30-minute live show focused on helping remodelers improve their businesses. It streams on our Facebook page, in Remodelers Community, on YouTube, and LinkedIn and is fast-paced, informative, and fun!

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