What do you do when you have ‘Lost’ the remodeling job? Do you try to uncover why you lost it? Wouldn’t that information be valuable?

Here’s a free resource for you today (because I love you… ?)

See a sample ‘Lost Job’ survey here. Feel free to ‘swipe’ the questions and format it using any program of your choice.

If you’d like to have my assistant create this for you with your logo at the top – feel free to reply back and for a nominal fee of $15 we’ll get it set-up for you.

One of my clients in Virginia sent the following email to their ‘Lost’ jobs:

Subject: We need CLOSURE… why didn’t you choose us?!

Email Content: Hey [Client Name],

The subject may seem lighthearted, but we are serious about your answer! You met with a representative from our company, [Rep Name], on [Date of Appointment] and we need to know whether you chose someone else, put the job on hold, or how we could have improved our service.

We are a small, family-owned business and the quality of our service is so important to us. Please do us this favor and… complete your exit evaluation!

Thank you in advance and please keep us in mind for future projects,

They have received some very helpful responses back. Ways they can improve. A few of the responses:

“We were very impressed with your company, but it was very important to my husband to hire a veteran if possible, and the roofer we went with for this job was a former Marine like my husband.” (Kyle Note: I think this client of mine in Virginia should donate $25 to a local military non-profit in this prospect’s name.)

“[Rep Name] was wonderful! He was very responsive, even to follow up questions. We will definitely call back for quotes on additional house work. Our only issue was price. While it was not the highest quote, it was much higher than the lowest quote for the same approach/materials for replacing the gutter system. We did use a reputable company found on Angies List that was fully licensed and insured.”

“I was impressed by your company. I did choose another company for several small differences/reasons, no single major issue. I had solicited 5 separate bids and yours was one of 3 that were very close; it was a tough decision.” (Kyle Note: I wonder what we could have done different to push us over the top on this one…)

Hope this resource is helpful to you!

P.S Notice that cool little heart I added above? ? I just copy and pasted it from this resource. Simple and cool. Enjoy!

Reach out anytime with an email or call (517-548-7140)

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