A lot of Remodelers I’ve been talking to lately are having staffing questions/issues.

I’m hearing questions like: “Should we hire? Is now the time?”

And issues like: “It is incredibly difficult to find new, qualified workers!” “I can’t seem to find the right people.”

A few thoughts for you:

  1. Remodeling Magazine put out article the other day about the Second Annual National Tradesmen Day that is set for Sept. 21. What a great excuse to do something special for your hardworking team. Have great employees? Take care of them! Recognize them! Thank them! On Sept. 21st (or any day for that matter…) How about you take them breakfast or lunch? Give them a couple hours paid time off? Tickets to a local sporting event or concert? Send a thank you card to their home for them and their spouse/family to see? Bottom line: Don’t take them for granted!
  2. One of my clients in Connecticut is doing the following – they are paying out a ‘new employee bounty.’ They are incentivizing their good employees for bringing in more good employees. After the new employee has been with them for 6 months – the employee that recruited them in gets a hefty ‘new employee bounty.’ It’s worked really well (and the owner happily pays the money out because he knows how hard [and expensive] finding great employees can be.)
  3. From a Remodeling Magazine Facebook post: “A remodeling company hosted a career fair at its offices this past weekend. Where did you find your last hire?” – A good idea and way to meet/interview a lot of people in a hurry.

Comment below and let me know what your hiring ‘best practices’ are.

  • Where do you find your best employees?
  • What are some of the ways you retain your best employees?

I (and your fellow Remodelers) appreciate your thoughts